What do I do if I lost my Credit Card?
If you need to get your credit card back the best way to do so is to come back during normal business hours. Thursday - Saturday 10pm to 2am.

What is the dress code?
We have the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason, however our standard dress code is as such. The following are NOT permitted.

During some holidays and sponsored bar crawls we may make some exceptions to the dress code for that particular day. 

  • NO Athletic Gear i.e.: Jerseys, Sweatpants, Tracksuits, etc.
  • NO Bandanas or Durags
  • NO Sunglasses – That Includes on top of your head
  • NO Beaters
  • NO Chains/Pendants Showing - Must be tucked in shirt
  • NO Camouflage: Pants, Shorts, Dresses, Shirts, etc.
  • NO Overly Ripped Jeans/Shorts
  • NO WHITE T’s - Short sleeve or Long Sleeve
  • NO Overly Baggy Clothing
  • NO Sagging Pants/Shorts