Whether you are celebrating a birthday, having a girls' night out, or simply want the most exquisite experience you can have at Vinyl Nightclub, celebrate it with our bottle service in your exclusive VIP lounge area. 

Watch the masses on the dance floor as you sit back and enjoy your VIP service and space with your companions, and go out and dance when you wish. Vinyl Nightclub of Rochester, NY has much to offer with its two story layout, bars, dance floor, and outdoor smoking area not far from the VIP lounge areas.

Mingling with the crowd at our versatile bar and dancing with your friends on the dance floor is always a blast here at Vinyl Nightclub. However sometimes you want to step back and sit down for a little space and relax. You can do just that with our VIP lounge area and bottle service - enjoy your night, and don't worry about your drinks as we will serve your pre-picked choice of liquor. 

So sit back, sip, and enjoy! We will take care of you.