Here at Vinyl, we're pumped for Summer.  Like super pumped.  It's the most wonderful time of the year for many reasons, not least of which is the lack of clothing.  We have some great things coming up during these next few months, including live performances, special themed nights, and awesome after parties for all your favorite Rochester festivals.  But amidst all the hustle and bustle, we must not forget those who have been grinding with us in the trenches all throughout this year so far.  Those troopers who warmed us up in the cold winter months: our resident DJ's.

These gentlemen are top caliber.  They cover a wide swath of the local Rochester music scene, from up-and-comers to veterans of the game.  Not only can they be relied on weekly to entertain and energize our crowds, but they also constantly up their respective games in all ways, always evolving lest they become stale or simple placeholders like some other local DJ's.  Talent like this should be praised and recognized.  And the best place to start would be one of our longest residents.

DJ Jestyr is a staple of the local DJ scene.  He has been present and certainly accounted for at all of Rochester's hottest spots at least once, and has slayed the crowds at every turn.  Whether its legendary establishments that are no longer around, like Heat or The Pig, or mainstay ones which still go strong, like One or Wall Street, Jestyr has left his indelible mark on every single one.  His distinctive style covers a wide variety of genres and is always played exclusively towards his given crowds desires.  To call him an asset would be an understatement; at this point he's practically an irreplaceable factor in our success over the years.

In this same vein, DJ Sweet has captivated local crowds for many years, and has cemented his status in Rochester as one of the most reliable and diverse DJ's out there.  His attention to the finest details of a crowd and his anticipation of their various needs and wants has made him a local legend by all accounts.  He is also a founding member of The Beatclan, a consortium of DJ's and promoters who have rocked bars and nightclubs for years, and not just locally.  Along with DJ Jestyr as a fellow founding member, this group has played all across the US.  Whether its the hallowed ground of Las Vegas or even internationally, the Beatclan has entertained throngs of people the world over.

DJ Gweedo can also be considered a veteran, and while he may not be as well-traveled as our previously discussed boys, he is no less talented or proficient at his craft.  A mainstay of the old Heat nightclub as well as a fixture of local establishments such as One Nightclub and Nolas, the real question is where has Gweedo not been?  His varied blends have even attracted the attention of Hollywood personalities, as he was a big part in the Jersey Shore TV show takeover of Rochester several years back.  You can always rely on him to deliver a set that pleases the masses, and that leaves them salivating for more.

Finally we come to someone who has the least amount of years in the DJ biz when you stack him up to our previously discussed talents, but who is certainly not a rookie by any means.  DJ Keyyo is a hot talkent here in Rochester, with his distinctive style and look separating him from the flock of local talent currently out there.  His output can also be described as just as innovative and eclectic.  He began his days doing guest spots at all the notable local joints, including the noe-defunct Scene Nightclub.  He now rubs elbows with the best of them.  His eye-catching dance talent also adds to his ever growing list of attributes.  We are proud to have him here at Vinyl, and consider it an honor and pleasure.

What you should take from all of this is that we have a mix of talented DJ's at our disposal here, and they will be killing it for you all throughout the upcoming Summer months.  Hot Summer nights were made for great music, drinks, and friends.  Vinyl has that in spades.  So come out and join us for an epic Summer.  Our beat masters are waiting for you.