As most of you already know, Vinyl is the place to be when you want to unwind with a few drinks and let loose with a sophisticated but yet laid-back downtown crowd.  But did you also know we specialize in hosting a variety of events, whether it be bachelor parties or business functions, complete with special accommodations and all the works?  Here's several cases in which we can roll out a classy setup for you and your party.

Business Events

Whether your workplace is celebrating a special milestone or simply hosting a company mixer, we can provide you with anything you would possibly need to ensure the event is a total success.  A copious and varied selection of  signature drink specials constitute the bare minimum of services offered.  We can also help design a full experience for your guests, including special decor that goes with your theme.  Something as simple as your company logo can be displayed and look as good as it ever has due to the work of our special in-house designer.  Long story short: keep us at the front of your mind when considering your business event needs.  Many other well-established Rochester companies already do.

Bachelor Parties

You're about to get married.  Once you come down off your anxiety attack, consider Vinyl for the final bachelor blowout.  We have hosted many of these parties over the years, all of which have resulted in many happy customers.  Special drink options are also on the table here, as is the aforementioned exclusive decor.  Also: what happens within these walls stays within these walls.  Within reason, of course.

Bachelorette Parties

The ladies should certainly not feel left out either, as Bachelorette parties have turned out to be one of our most popular options available at Vinyl.  Show the gentlemen how it's done with a rented room downstairs (complete with bar service), as well as special decor from our designer.  Two words: pink everything.

Birthday Celebrations

If you're looking for something a little more involved than simply showing up with your friends for some birthday festivities, allow us to handle it for you and throw you a bash you wont forget.  Turning 30 and want to make it a milestone occasion?  Our drink specials and catering options will give you reason to celebrate.  And make that whole turning 30 thing go down much easier.

College Parties

All of Rochester already knows Vinyl is host to the cities hottest College night on Thursdays.  But we are also the leading nightclub when it comes to booked college events.  We host collegiate parties of all types, whether it be sorority bashes or college club mixers.  Reserved space is available, as are special decor options and drink specials.  We will provide the works and meet your needs to throw you a successful and memorable night.

In short, Vinyl is your event destination for this upcoming season and beyond.  Right in the heart of Rochester's East End District, we offer an experience like no other.  Join us.  You won't regret it.