How to make homemade chocolate muffins

how to make chocolate muffins

Yes, the chocolate muffins

They can be even more delicious than traditional muffins. Of course that depends on the tastes of each one, but the truth is that every time you think that a dessert is wonderful enough, you discover that there is something you can improve or change, and you end up with an almost heavenly version.

After writing that, I am already waiting for the comments of all those who are going to say that their favorite muffins are the traditional ones, but since I am the one who is writing, I have a craving and I am also hungry, I officially decree the muffins chocolate as the best in the world.

That does not mean that the traditional ones are not great. By the way, have you prepared them?Remember that if you have different options to distribute the heat, it is best to use the one generated from above and below.

  • Use a mold to mix the eggs, and beat until they generate a lot of bubbles. The more beaten, the better: that will make the dough more fluffy. Of course, you can use the manual beater, but in a world where time does not spare, I'll take the electric one.
  • Add the sugar and beat everything until the ingredients are well integrated. You'll see how the mixture starts to take a bleached tone.
  • The moment is coming of the oil: stirring constantly, add it to the container, until it is homogenized with the other ingredients.
  • Then add the milk, while continuing to beat. If you are using the electric beater, it is better to pour it little by little. Like, it integrates totally.
  • Now mix the flour. It is recommended that you do it little by little for two things: one, that you do not get lumps, and the other, that you do not get up with the beater and make a mess in your kitchen. One last important thing: remember that it is unleavened flour added. If not, you will have double yeast in the recipe and instead of muffins small mutants can come out of your oven. Continue beating until the dough is fully even.
  • Now, mix the rest white powder: yeast and salt. Check that there is not a single lump after mixing.
  • Finally, the ingredient superstar: cocoa powder. Cocoa is a complicated ingredient to prevent lumps from forming, so the most advisable thing is that when you add it, you pass it through a colander. That way, you guarantee that it falls into the mix sufficiently loose. Likewise, beat until everything is homogeneous, and make sure there are no clumps left.
  • It is true that in this world time is not enough, but when it comes to making good chocolate muffins you have to let the dough rest. And since these are the chocolate cupcakes recipe you have assured that they will be amazing, but that implies leaving the pasta stored for 40 minutes in the fridge.
  • When the dough has already settled, beat again very lightly, just enough to make it easier to handle.
  • Separate the dough into different curled paper molds, until you fill three quarters of each. If apart from the paper mold you use some rigid support, your muffins will be better.
  • Now each mold goes to the oven for between 15 and 20 minutes, until the muffins take a golden tone, they are formed their respective top and when inserting a knife, it leaves without residues. In case that does not happen, keep them inside the oven a little more.
  • After they are ready, let them cool before removing them from their molds (if you have used a rigid support).But even if you do not believe it, you can still improve. How? Does it sound impossible? Here are some lustful tips.
    • You can split a cup of nuts into pieces and add them to the dough. Nothing better than the suspense of which in the next bite a piece of crispy walnut touches you.
    • This recipe does not have lemon zest like the traditional one, but if you add zest of orange peel, you will achieve a flavor very sophisticated.
    • Decorate with chocolate chips on each muffin, or include pieces of chocolate in the dough. Better yet, when you pour the dough into each mold, arrange the pieces towards the center. That does not exactly make them a chocolate-filled muffins , but it has a similar and very easy-to-make effect.
    • If you like out of the ordinary flavors, you can cut chunks small green apple and put them in the dough of each cupcake.

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