Vinyl Night Club Reviews

Located in the heart of Rochester, New York's entertainment district, East and Alexander, Vinyl Nightclub is a sophisticated, well rounded nightclub. Vinyl's space consists of a downstairs night club lounge with great music, pool, full bar, and darts; an upstairs with a giant dance floor, VIP tables, and a full bar; and a large L shaped deck and smoking lounge.


I definitely recommend going to Vinyl if you want to enjoy some epic 90s and early 2000s music in a club that allows for safe space dancing. Vinyl is the perfect place to go with a group of ladies with a big age range (21 years to 58 years)... every one is able to dance to music they enjoy. Vinyl is a great place to go for bottle service as well. They offer bottle service packages that are reasonable in cost. Additionally, the staff and service of Vinyl was excellent. They were very attentive to our needs and willing to go above and beyond with any request we asked. Anyone that is in the process of organizing a bachelorette party/ladies night that is looking for a safe place to dance then make sure to add Vinyl to your list!

By no means do I frequent East End, but I think every girl has some desire to dance with her best girlfriends every once in a while. The only place I actually enjoy visiting when that time comes semi-annually is Vinyl. You can sing and dance to your fave 90s songs mixed in with Top 40 hits. They'll occasionally throw in some 80s jams - Journey "Don't Stop Believing" is a standard now. I think it's also required that you have a solid buzz on when you walk in so everything is a little hazy and it doesn't matter that they ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom. Regardless, have some drinks, get your dance on. I also like their little patio for some fresh air when marathon dancing has got the best of you.

I have to laugh at some nuggets family & friends posting about a wallet.  With all due respect; I really wonder if he got booted & thus was upset lol?  But First im from pittsford & no place is immune silly.  Rochester is now one of the worst crime cities per capita in the usa nuggets.  So wake up to that fact (hello).  Truth hurts I know - i dont trust anyone with S#$T in ROC / so be responsible!   Id be a little smarter with my wallet, money & credit cards etc.  Not anyone elses job to baby-sit your stuff right?  Thats on you!   Get real with such a complaint & dont embarrass yourself with silliness..  No place in the country will shut down business to search for your wallet goof.   If its turned in then of course it will safely retained as found....  Set them up; try a test & video tape it...   And no place has a tool to then trace & track your card silly...  So be an intelligent adult & cancel it ASAP OR place a hold on it dork :) nicely *Not rocket science.  Ive lost a card & telling officers & security wouldnt do a thing for you; even at Disney lol.  Wow. Kind of a dillusional post below.  Lastly i can guarantee you if in 10 years there are just a couple of negative posts here; such a ratio is outstanding & speaks volumes to the good job done; otherwise it would be closed by now.  As many other places have had happen; many times over down there....  In fact by comparison its one of the safest late night places around & often gets many off duty officer family & friends as a result.  So make no mistake; if you have an issue speak with managers & it will be handled.  In fact videotape the interaction to validate the outcome OR stupidity as proof if you CLAIM some incompetance - but be careful thats not YOURs lol... (This Ill luv to see lol)...  The mission there is keep it safe fun & yes again "safe".  One of the few places with dance music for all ages & you might see people 21-61 years old there which is kind if fun & cool with bachelorette parties & more.  Adds to the FUN...  As for IDs you should see the stack "captured" weekly.  And thats a choice each business can make (give ID back or turn them into law enforcement) it is after all a mis demeanor OR fellony depending...  And in the rare event an ID is very good, undetected or someones sibling - the establishment can not be held accountable :) no place on the planet uses a DNA test kit at the door lol.  So many people get nabbed & at some places a few may breach the system... Happens :) but at an hour & sober / the licensed nys security enforcement officers working must keep it safe from dumbasses, drunks, loud mouths, trouble makers, instigaters, scammers & more!  Thus at times tollerance will be low for those who cant handle their alcohol & simply just blend in kindly with everyone else who is normal & having fun.  None of this is rocket science.  Have fun, be safe, be SMART & one can probably enjoy themselves any place they go. And some of us hope its just busy & fun & the dumbasses who lack common sense & resoect for others; just stay home - please :) lol.  Do everyone a solid lol.   Good day...

I've only been to Vinyl twice. The reason I went a few weeks ago was because a band was playing that my girlfriend really liked. I went with her, and I was pleased with what I saw. The place is kind of small, especially for a live music show, but there was enough room to move around and not be constantly bumping into people. One area had a couple tables and chairs for people to sit down while having a drink, and another area had 4 couches for people to have a seat and rest up. The band was good and there was room to dance. When it got too hot, there were 2 doors at different parts of the club to step outside onto a balcony and grab some fresh air. I don't know if this is a regular occurrence, but when I went they were doing a buy one get one on all mix drinks until 11PM. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience. The worst part of my night was trying to find a parking space. There is no parking lot (unless you want to pay to park), so you have to be lucky enough to find a spot on the street close to the bar or be willing to walk a couple blocks to get there.